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What Should You Wear to an Engagement Shoot?

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So congratulations! You’ve just got engaged and have organised an engagement shoot with your photographer. Engagement shoots are a great way to get comfortable infront of the camera and capture some memories you will cherish forever.

But what is the best thing to wear to an engagement shoot? Well think about what this shoot is all about – it’s a celebration of your love for each other and a great way to tell your story. Your engagement shoot should be a fun and relaxing time! Its less informal than on your wedding day so just enjoy it.

What do you wear to it though? Well here are some helpful tips from us:

Be Yourself

It’s important to us as the photographers that you feel relaxed so wear what you feel comfortable in. The better you feel in the clothes you’re wearing, the more relaxed and yourself you’ll be! This engagement shoot is personal to you both, so wear wear clothes that show off your personality. If you want to wear smart jeans and a nice shirt then do so. If you feel comfortable in a suit or dress then wear that. It’s all about the two of you.

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Bold Colours

If you like colourful blouses, tops, dresses or shirts then go for it! It’s all about having fun and portraying your personality. What you wear sets the mood for the shoot and will influence how we shoot your photos (for example wearing sporty gear will give your shoot a sporty theme). Try to avoid bold and colourful prints. Bold stripes and patterns can draw attention away from your face. Think about how you could co-ordinate your outfits together. This doesn’t mean you have to match, but think of colours that compliment each other.

Think About Your Surroundings

If your engagement shoot is to be outside in winter, then high heels may not be the best idea on grassy or muddy fields. This is where it pays to be practical. Think about the weather at the time of the year you are having your shoot. If its the middle of winter then wearing a strappy sundress might not be the best option. Even if it is really cold we would recommend to avoid turtlenecks as they can shorten your neck in photos and be unflattering.  Also make sure what you choose to wear will be easy to move around in and fits you well as clothes that are really loose fitting can be less flattering.

Be Smart

These photos are going to serve as memories of a special time in your lives so you want to be smart and your best! You might want to use these photos for save the date cards, invites or a slideshow at wedding reception, so it is best not to wear the t-shirt you wear on Sundays to laze around the house in or jeans with holes in that you’ve been meaning to fix. This is engagement shoot is an extension to your big day so think smart!

Be Prepared

So as the day of your engagement shoot approaches, prepare your outfits beforehand. You don’t want to be getting stressed, rushing around on the day trying out different options. Plan beforehand!

And have fun! All photographers will agree with us that engagement shoots are just as fun if not more than wedding day shoot. It gives us chance to get to know you both and show you that we’re not scary or demanding. We’re here to make memories of your beautiful new chapter in your lives together so let’s have some fun and enjoy it. We can’t wait!

– Melissa

How Far Will We Travel To Shoot Weddings?

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Many of the couples who get in touch with us ask how far we are willing to travel to shoot weddings. Although we are based in the small town of Stafford, we have shot weddings all over the UK, traveling as far as the North of Scotland.

Weddings that are over one hours drive away may include extra fees to cover travel and hotels, but these will always be included in the quote we initially provide you with.

If you are thinking about getting married abroad, we would love to hear from you. We are both passionate about traveling and would love to shoot more destination weddings abroad. Read more…

A Video From a Recent Wedding

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Each of the couples we work with receive a HD video slideshow of some of the best photos from their wedding. These are great to share with friends and family on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Here is an example from a recent wedding we shot up in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The music is from James and Chantelle’s first dance.

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Do We Shoot Wedding Videos?

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This is one of the questions we are being asked more and more frequently… Do we shoot wedding videos? Although we are playing around with video more and more these days, we do it as more of a hobby and thus can not offer it as a professional service on your wedding day. We like to stick to what we excel at and that is wedding photography.

One thing we have offered clients who have asked in the past, is to set up a GoPro (a small professional grade action video camera) on a tripod during your ceremony. GoPros are great due to their tiny size and wide angle of view. We own the latest top of the range Black Edition GoPro which is the same camera that is used to capture action shots in many television programs. The HD footage can then be sent over to you after your wedding.

Please don’t confuse this for a wedding video though. This is not a professional service, but rather is a small gesture to thank you for booking us as your wedding photographers. There is no charge to this extra service and we provide no guarantees as to the results of such a video. Read more…

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